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The  company  has  consistently   continually  worked  since  its  establishment   in  order  to enable the Palestinian farmer  through working on rising the quality of the Palestinian product   to  be  a  competitor  in  the  global  markets  which  will  reflex positively  on  the  Palestinian  farmer  towards  enabling  him  in  his  land and maintain  it  .


The  company has opened in spite of  its short age  an important  global  markets  represented  in  the  American , Spanish , British , French , Italian , Turkish   Markets  and  that  would not  have  happened  but  for  the  high quality  of  the  Palestinian product  and  the high  professional  that  featuring  the  companys  work  team .


The  company  seeks  in  the  near  future  for  opening   new  markets  in the Southeast area  of   Asia   ,  as  this  has  a  significant  impact  in the  term of  the  diversification  of  the  markets , which  will  reflex  positively  on  the  Palestinian  Dates  district  . 

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