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Al-Rwad  Company  for Agricultural  Investment  and  International  Trade

Al-Rowad  Company  for Agricultural  Investment  was established in year 2010 in Al-Auja  Village  / Jericho  City   Palestine  , where the company  do  cultivation, packaging and marketing of  the   Palestinian  Medjool  Dates  to the global  markets , especially the American  and  European  markets  .

The  company  owns  advanced  facilities  represented  in  an  advanced  packaging house for sorting and packaging  dates with a production capacity of  3.5 ton per hour  , also fridges  with a capacity of more than 1400 ton and the company is managed by a work  team  whom has  a  long  experience  in  packaging  and  wrapping  and marketing  the  dates .

The  production  capacity  of  the  company  has  reached  1400  ton  in  the  year  2016 and  we  aspire  to  double  this  number  in  the next  three  years  . 

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Palestine - Jericho - Auja