Midjewel Dates In Palestinian Hands...

Midjewel Dates In Palestinian Hands...

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Al-Rwad Company for Agricultural The investment was established in the year 2010 in Al-Auja Town-Jericho Palestine, where the company does cultivation, packaging and marketing of the Palestinian Medjool Dates to the global markets, to more than 33 the country around the world. The company owns advanced facilities represented in a progressive packaging house for sorting and packaging dates with a production capacity of 4.5 tons per hour, also fridges with a capacity of more than 3800 ton and the company is managed by a work team who has a long experience in packaging and wrapping and marketing the dates.


The company has consistently continualy worked since its establishment in order to enable the Palestinian farmer through working on rising the quality of the Palestinian product to be a competitor in the global markets which will reflex positively on the Palestinian farmer towards enabling them in their land and maintain it. The company has opened in spite of its short age an important global markets represented in The United States, Chile, Spain, British, French, Italian, Turkish, Brazilian, Canadian, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Vietnam Markets by virtue of high quality of the Palestinian product and the high professional that featuring the company’s work team. In the near future, the company look to strengthen its presence in these markets and enter new markets such as the Chinese market.

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Al-Rwad Company exports to many countries of the world: Canada, America, Brazil, France, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Spain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Morocco, Ethiopia

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