Our Farm

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Products and Services.

Our farms are located in the Palestinian
Jordan Valley areas. The farms are cared
for and harvested by the best of Palestinian
farmers. With the supervision of the
most efficient experts in the field of palm
cultivation. using modern techniques of
irrigation and fertilization.
The company’s management conducts visits
and inspection tours to the farmer to ensure
their application of the quality requirements
and knowledge of their needs to renaissance
in our plant in quantity and quality.

Our message

We have one main goal, which is to empower the Palestinian farmer and deliver his capabilities and expertise to all parts of the world. We support the Palestinian farmer to cling to his land, and provide him with all the necessary requirements so that he can stay on his land.
The Palestinian farmer is a farmer with decades of experience in the cultivation of Midjewel dates.
The Palestinian farm is a family farm, as it is inherited from one generation to the next. Not only the land is inherited, but the experience as well, and with each new generation, this experience increases more and more.

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